Thursday, January 4, 2018

Bootleg Brick Building Sets I Bought in 2017

Hi There!   I made this list of all the fake lego sets that I bought back in 2017.   Most of my sets were purchased from Aliexpress, with a few from eBay and a few from private seller Jeremy on Reddit.

Here's the breakdown of the sets I bought this past year:

1. AUSINI (1)

Ausini 25004 train

2. BELA (4)

BELA 10403 friends recording studio
BELA 10418 police van
BELA 10643 plane
BELA 10648 pizza van


ENLIGHTEN 907 Firetruck
ENLIGHTEN 1123 bus
ENLIGHTEN 1214 sub

4. GUDI (4)

GUDI 9109 pirate island
GUDI 9208 fire pickup
GUDI 9209 fire truck
GUDI 9215 fire rescue

5. HSANHE (1)

HSANHE 6704 mini building

6. KAZI (1)

KAZI 8051 firehouse

7. LELE (1)

LELE 79204 SW skyhopper

8. LEPIN (17)

LEPIN 01007 friends hotdog van
LEPIN 01011 friends pizzeria
LEPIN 02012 deepsea explorer
LEPIN 02015 train stn
LEPIN 02034 cargo port
LEPIN 02036 semi truck
LEPIN 02047 gas station
LEPIN 02058 park people
LEPIN 02069 crane
LEPIN 05005 SW FO Tiefighter
LEPIN 05029 SW xwing
LEPIN 05111 SW quadjumper
LEPIN 07057 batman pizza
LEPIN 15006 modular cinema
LEPIN 15010 modular parisian
LEPIN 21007 horizon express train


QIALETONG TS20131 army truck

10. SHENG YUAN (1)

SHENG YUAN 877B batman mr freeze

11. SLUBAN (2)

SLUBAN B0519 fountain

SLUBAN B0523 green van

Total 37 sets

I bought sets from eleven different alternate brick brands including Ausini, Bela, Enlighten, Gudi, Hsanhe, Kazi, Lele, Lepin,  Qialetong, Sheng Yuan, and Sluban.

Here are the main themes of my bootlego collection this year:

City (23), including Fire-Police (6), Trains (3), Marine (3)

Star Wars (5)

Friends (3)

Modular (2)

Superheroes (2)

Pirate (1)

Military (1)

Purchased from:

Aliexpress (18)

Ebay (14)

Jeremy (5)

My Favorite Themes

I like building my Its-Not-Lego town with all of the modular buildings and city sets which I can incorporate into it.  I bought the Hsanhe set and some of the Friends sets primarily as parts fodder of my MOCs such as the modular style pizzeria and flower shop.  I've now got most of the modular buildings that I want with the exception of the Lepin Assembly Square.

My favorite set from 2017 has to be the Lepin 05053 Star Wars AT-OT just because it looks cool and I always wanted the Lego version but could never afford it.  

How many bootleg sets did you buy in 2017 and which ones were your favorites?   Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Bootleg Minifigures Database By Down The Blocks

Welcome back to Bricks and Figs! 

Quick pop quiz today:

  1. What's the latest and greatest set of bootleg minifigures to come out?
  2. Who are the big manufacturers of bootleg minifgs at the moment?
  3. Is there a bootleg of a minifigure I want?

If you are like me and want the latest bootleg minifigure news, you want to head on over to Down The Blocks blog.   They always have the latest news about new minifigures that are showing up.

I briefly thought about compiling a list of bootleg minifigures a couple of years ago but gave up because I knew I could never keep up.   This was back when Sheng Yuan and Decool ruled the bootleg minifigure world.  After awhile they were rehashing the release of super heroes minifigures and there was only so many Iron Man and Captain America figures they could make.

Then came the Pogo and Xinh explosion coming with new super heroes I've never even heard of.
There's such a variety that it boggles the mind.  And it's such a major task trying to keep track of all of them.

Fortunately Down the Blocks has done the impossible by creating Minifigure Databases for both Pogo and Xinh brands.  These are currently the two major bootleg brands to produce minifigures.   

Here's the the direct links to the Pogo Minifigures Database List and the Xinh Minifigures Database List.   Go to Down the Blocks now! 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kazi 8051 Fire Station

Hi brick fans!  Four years ago I bought my first non Lego building set and it was a Kazi fire truck set.  That was followed by several more Kazi fire vehicles and subsequently the Kazi Fire station set 8052.    I've reviewed them separately, links at the end of this post.

I finally completed my Kazi Fire Fighting collection with the purchase of the Kazi 8051 Fire station last month.  I got it off Ebay for $19.99 USD with free shipping.  The set has 774 pieces, has 5 firemen mini figures, and several vehicles to complete the fire station building set.

The Fire Station

Here's the instruction booklet and all the parts bags for this set.  There's no sticker sheet but there are quite a few printed parts.

The Kazi instruction booklet tries to compress a lot of steps into each page, making it somewhat confusing when building this fire station set.  Some of the steps are really small and hard to make out.

The fire station consists of 2 garage bays and they are connected by a central 2 storey office.  At the side of the large garage bay, there is a faucet and sink and a collection of tools, like an ax, shovel, broom and saw.  There's also a big palm tree in the front.

Having built the Kazi 8052 fire station, that set had garage roll-up doors that worked well.  I can't say the same for the garage doors from this 8051 set.  They are quite stiff and when I try to move them up and down, invariably some of the door segments separate from each other.

There's a helipad on top of the garage.  The sides of the garage aren't bricked in.

This set comes with 5 firemen which need to be assembled.

Here they are with all their fire fighting gear.  One fire fighter has a helmet and visor while three others have have oxygen tanks, visors and breathing apparatus.  They all wear the same uniforms, but each of their faces is unique.  Too bad they look so funny.   Some extra pieces include an arm, a leg and a hand.

Hey, no pictures!

This is the other smaller garage of the fire station.  It also has a roll up door and a stair case to access the roof.  The garage door works a little better than the larger door of the bay 01.

Now that we've built the two garage bays, let's construct the offices that connect them together.

The center office of the fire station is equipped with a coffee maker and a computer terminal.  There also seems to be what looks to be a weigh scale although I don't know why that's here.

One accesses the lower office through the sliding door at the front.

Here's how the fire station looks with the office attached to both garages.  I noticed that some of the red brick pieces have different shades of red.  The gray plate pieces also vary in colour between a flat shade to a metallic shade.

Window glass is pretty scuffed up and I found this white brick with dirt on it. Ewww.

The second floor office has a computer terminal and control panel.  Someone left their mug overnight without washing it again.

The second floor of the fire station  is enclosed on three sides by windows and there's a cool tilting sunroof.

Here's the sunroof in the open position.

The second floor is installed onto the remainder of the fire station.

Here's the completed fire station.  I added my own 8x16 plate piece (not originally part of the set) in front of the first floor sliding door. 

The other thing I should add is that the brick clutch is rather tight and my fingers hurt trying to pry some pieces apart.

Here's the backside of the completed fire station.

The Vehicles

This fire station building set includes a fire chief's car which is also sold by itself as Kazi building set 8057.  It has 83 pieces.

The fire chief's car has a rear hatch for storing extra fire fighting gear.  A walkie talkie and axe adorn each side of the vehicle.  Also on the sides of the vehicle are bricks that say Fire Protection.

The fire chief's car fits snugly into garage bay 02.  It rolls really well but I'm not a fan of the blue tinted glass. 

The next fire vehicle is the helicopter.  It's included in this set but can be acquired by itself as Kazi set 8056.  The helicopter is made up of 89 pieces.

It features rotating top and rear rotors.  It has an opening canopy that unfortunately doesn't stay up when you lift it.

 Other features of the helicopter include two storage cubbies and the adjustable water nozzles on either side of the chopper.

The last emergency vehicle that comes with the Kazi fire station is the fire engine with articulating platform.  It is comprised of 244 pieces and can be purchased on it's own as Kazi 8053.

The fire engine has two storage compartments,  two stabilizers that fold down and the rotating and extending snorkel.

The platform stays up on it's own, but once you put a minifigure into it, it collapses. 

To rectify this problem, I added an extra lock nut on top of the extender tube.  This stopped the piston from sliding into the shaft.

Here's the telescopic arm in the lowered and closed position.

Another view of the fire engine.  The turntable rotates without any issues.

It should be noted that the fire engine doesn't fit into the garage bay too well.  The top of the fire truck scrapes the garage door, causing it to separate the door sections.


The Kazi Fire station 8051 is a good sized set with 774 pieces and a decent price of under $20 USD.


It's a large set with a fire chief vehicle, a helicopter and a fire engine with articulating snorkel.  If you purchased the three vehicles on their own, they would probably cost you $20 USD, so this set is good value.  You get 5 mini figures in this set.  There are plenty of play features such as opening doors and lots of accessories.


The brick clutch is a bit too tight for my liking which might make it difficult for younger builders to pry pieces apart.  The brick colours are inconsistent on the red bricks and gray plates.  The roll-up garage doors don't move that smoothly and sometimes come apart.  The fire snorkel's articulating arm needs a small fix to allow the minifigure to stand in the platform.  Oh and the minifigures don't look all that great.

However, if you don't mind the small nits about this set, it would make a nice addition to your brick city.   I would rate this set 3.5 out of 5 for the reasons above.  Thanks for checking out my review!

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